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UKCSCST conference organised by Belfast

27th Joint Annual Conference of the Chinese Society of Chemical Science and Technology in the UK and Society of Chemical Industry’s Chinese UK Reginal Group (CSCST-SCI) which this year will be hosted in Belfast, from the 11th-12th September 2020. The conference will be supported by the partners of the BIOMASS-CCU project. Due to the specific COVID-19 situation, we will have a virtual conference this year. The general themes of the CSCST-SCI 27 will cover “manufacturing the future”, as well as the latest methodological and process developments in Energy and Sustainability.

More details including abstract submission (deadline: 30 June 2020) can be found in the conference website:

The conference is free registration.




AGH researchers visited ALP Ltd.

Malgorzata Sieradzka and Artur Bieniek, PhD students from AGH University of Science and Technology have been visiting ALP Technologies Ltd. in London between 08.02.2020 – 08.03.2020.  They have been hosting by James Kong. The main goal of their visit is to enhance the expertise in designing and operating of gasification reactors, including overcoming problems, optimization of process conditions, experimental design and reactors design. Moreover, this visit have allowed to exchange the knowledge between scientists (university) and engineers (industry) and establish new cooperation.

Secondment in Huazhong University of Science And Technology (Mr Mohammed al-Asadi)

Mohammed Al-asadi took a secondment visited in Huazhong University of Science and Technology between 20.11.2019 and 31.12.2019. The purpose of the research program was related to the summer research carried out by Pannon University researchers at the host institution. In particular, the applicability of a Ni/ZSM-5 catalyst and a Ni/ZSM-5 catalyst containing promoters in different conditions for pyrolysis reforming reactions of real wastes was also investigated. The main goal was to increase the hydrogen content and reduce the carbon dioxide content by in-situ. The impact of the biomass content of the feedstock on product yield and composition was also investigated during the short research program. According to our plan, the research program would be continue around the summer of 2020 with new research exchanges.

Mrs. Janka Bobek-Nagy visited Xi’an Jiaotong University

Mrs Janka Bobek-Nagy from the University of Pannonia had visited Xi’an Jiaotong University between 05.11.2019 and 21.12.2019 hosted by Prof. Ningbo Gao. She investigated the preparation of new waste based catalysts to improve the syngas production and for in-situ CO2 capture. For pyrolysis-reforming reactions different real wastes (paper, cardboard, food waste, etc.) was used. Based on the results, significant differences could be observed in the effect of the waste metal based transition metal modified catalyst on the product characteristics. Based on the results, a scientific manuscript has started to prepared with the researchers of the host institution, which would like to send to the publisher for comment in the summer of 2020, after completing the additional measurements.

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1st Annual Project meeting

The project partners have met at the University of Liverpool on 13th December to discuss project progresses and future plans. Current performance is quite good, and the team agrees to meet in September in Manchester to attend ICEC2020 conference and meet EU Project Officer.

Biomass-CCU ist annual meeting picture