Presentations, Publications and reports

Conference presentations

Plasma-enhanced catalysis: An emerging technology for CO2 conversion – ICEC2020 conference – Keynote presentation 2020.9 ICEC2020-Professor Xin TU  

A discrete element method investigation of biomass fast pyrolysis in a free fall reactor – Bieniek_A – AGH – CSCST2020 conference  

Dual functional materials development for integrated CO2 capture and conversion – UKCC2021-keynote presentation-Chunfei Wu

The morphologies effect of CeO2 over Ru-CeO2/MgO dual functional materials on In-situ CO2 Capture and methanation – UKCSCST- Shuzhuang – Oral Presentation (This work was also presented in UKCC2021, and awarded 1st Oral presentation prize)

Autothermal CaO looping biomass gasification to increase process energy efficiency and reduce ash sintering –  UKCSCST2020 – Poster-Shuming Zhang (3rd Prize)




Shiyun Liu, Danhua Mei, Yaolin Wang, Yichen Ma, Xin Tu”Plasma reforming of toluene as a model tar compound from biomass gasification: effect of CO2 and steam”University of Liverpool.

Álvaro Ibarra, Idoia Hita, José M. Arandes, Javier Bilbao”A Hybrid FCC/HZSM-5 Catalyst for the Catalytic Cracking of a VGO/Bio-Oil Blend in FCC Conditions”University of Liverpool.

M Craven, Y Wang, H Yang, C Wu, X Tu”Integrated gasification and non-thermal plasma-catalysis system for cleaner syngas production from cellulose”University of Liverpool.

H Tian, H Jiao, J Cai, J Wang, Y Yang, AV Bridgwater”Co-pyrolysis of Miscanthus Sacchariflorus and coals: A systematic study on the synergies in thermal decomposition, kinetics and vapour phase products”Aston University.

Sieradzka M., Gao N., Quan C., Mlonka‐Mędrala A., Magdziarz A. “Biomass thermochemical conversion via pyrolysis with integrated CO2 capture” AGH University of Science and Technology.

A. Mlonka-Medrala, M. Sieradzka, P. Evangelopoulos, W. Yang, A. Magdziarz. “Investigation of agriculture biomass for pyrolysis and gasification”  AGH University of Science and Technology.

Hongman Sun, Chunfei Wu*. “Auto-thermal CaO looping biomass gasification for renewable syngas production”  Queen’s University Belfast.