PhD student from AGH visited XJTU

PhD student Maciej Śliz from AGH University of Science and Technology (Poland) is next visitor from AGH to Xi’an Jiaotang Univeristy (China). Thanks to the help from Prof. Ningbo Gao (XJTU) providing the opportunity to use laboratory equipment for investigating gasification of biomass.  Based on plan settled in consultation with Prof. Aneta Magdziarz (AGH) experiments of gasification in CO2 atmosphere are being conducted. Research is focused on decreasing temperature of process and enhancing effects of using CO2 as gasifing agent. It is a great opportunity for the young scientist to enhance his knowledge and exchange experience about pyrolysis and gasification processes in an international research group. Furthermore, it is valuable chance to get to know better Chinese culture and history and to establish new contacts. The student also visited Prof. Ningbo Gao’s research group in the new campus of XJTU where a new laboratory will be set up for further experiments and research.


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