Chen Zhang from QUB visted Zhejiang University

Mr. Chen Zhang of Dr. Chunfei Wu’s research group at Queen’s University Belfast spent November and January 2022 as an academic visitor with Prof. Tao Wang and Dr. Long Jiang’s research group at Zhejiang University as part of the EU-RISE project. This visit and collaboration are primarily intended to learn about and create advancements in carbon neutrality. Professor Wang’s group focused on resin’s ability to capture and utilize ambient CO2. Dr. Jiang’s research group is primarily concerned with the addition and utilization of CO2 in industrial flue gases. Dr. Long Jiang, Mr. Chen Zhang, and Ms. Ying Ji conducted the 15% CO2 adsorption experiment utilizing chemical activated bamboo charcoal samples and tried to modify the biochar material using polymer amine to increase the adsorption efficiency. This work is scheduled to be published in April 2022 in the journal of Separation and Purification Technology. This collaboration has significantly enriched the development prospects of biochar in the area of carbon capture and significantly bolstered academic exchanges between Queen’s University Belfast and Zhejiang University.

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